Terms & Conditions

By visiting our website and placing an order to buy any of the offered products, you are agreeing to abide by the stipulations contained in this T&C document. We reserve the right to expand, update, change or otherwise modify any of the T&C clauses at any time, in some cases without prior notice to the customer. Please make sure that you are familiar with the latest version and that you fully understand our policies before taking any further steps to purchase one or more of our products.

All products featured on our website are intended strictly for laboratory use, and may only be ordered by qualified and diligent professionals over 21 years of age with legitimate research purpose. Human consumption of chemicals is strictly forbidden, and can be extremely dangerous if it occurs accidentally. It is highly recommended to contact medical authority and seek immediate care and guidance. Chemical products have to be stored in safe and dry facilities, and handled with full protective equipment and utmost care. Intentional abuse of our rules may result in termination of the customer’s account, or trigger other consequences up to and including litigation.

The content of our policy is based on our business strategy as well as applicable laws and regulations. As a buyer, you are solely responsible for consequences of your actions. Some jurisdictions may have specific regulations regarding our products, and you need to learn about possible restrictions in your country of residence. The website can’t be considered liable for any events resulting from disregard of our T&C and will not be named as a party in any legal disputes. We are strictly a research chemical supplier and can’t control how our chemicals are stored, handled or used after delivery.

Byers are also responsible for providing accurate personal information in order for the delivery to arrive on time. Delivery deadlines depend on the destination country and may vary from case to case due to limitations of international mailing systems, bank holidays, etc. In case the shipment is lost due to factors outside of our direct control you must contact us to discuss this. All confirmed orders are regarded as final, and may not be revoked at a later time under any circumstances.